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There is no way that all chocolate is healthy. So, when Dr Judith Canlas recommended eating chocolate to help with cortisol levels, I wanted to find out what kind of chocolate SHE would eat. 

Is chocolate healthy? What kind of chocolate is best? Check out this video and learn from Dr. Judith Canlas from Aurora Integrative Medical

What Kind of Chocolate is Healthy?

There is a lot of evidence talking about the benefits of chocolate. On the other hand, we know candy isn’t healthy. Dr. Canlas recommends:

  • A small amount each day
  • At least 70% cocoa (dark chocolate)
  • As little sugar as possible

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In another video we did, Dr. Canlas also recommends the following for hormone support

  • Brazil Nuts (they taste great with dark chocolate!!!)
  • Citrus fruits- full of vitamin C
  • Cruciferous vegetables (cooked slightly)

I hope this helps you to make some healthy changes.

Yours in fitness,


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