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#1 The Inner Critic- How to quiet it

#2 Top 3 Fitness Activities Around Vancouver

#3 Parks With Chin Up Bars or Workout Stations

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What we are about:

Hi, my name is Tim.

I see myself as a coach, first and foremost. I want to help people make changes in their life. I view fitness as the first change that can kick-start many changes in someones life. I named my business Positive Shift because I believe this should be an uplifting process. I write on this blog about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle with the aim of helping people to make positive changes in their life.

I write to people who are working, have families, and are balancing a lot of priorities. My content isn’t directed towards high performance athletes or serious body-builders. If you have that amount of time to put towards your fitness, I commend you. However, I strive to help the people who are getting started or trying to find strategies to fit in the exercise.

Our Studio in Burnaby

Yes, I do more than blogging. While I love spending time at the coffee shop writing, most of my time is spent working withpersonal training, kinesiology, quadraped, four point people inside my personal training studio. We offer fitness training and rehabilitation. The work I do with clients helps me to identify what to share on the blog. I love to answer questions and cover topics that come up a lot in the studio.

Some other people you will hear from

Every so often, you will hear from other people on the blog. Other trainers from Positive Shift, my lovely wife Karen, or other professionals like Physiotherapists, Dieticians and Chiropractors. I am hungry for knowledge and want to get as much help as I can!

More Popular Posts

#1 Why body weight doesn’t matter and what to pay attention to

body weight doesn't matter

How many pounds you are doesn’t really tell you much. There is no magic number that makes you fit or sexy. Why are people so fixated on losing pounds on the scale? Here is why body weight doesn’t matter.

#2 Outdoor experiences and exercise

I love to exercise outdoors. There is one popular post I have on what to do around Vancouver. There is a lot more coming soon.

#3 Exercises you can do if you are injured.

In these videos, I answer questions from people who want to exercise but have an injury. Side Plank Video

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