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Does shoulder pain stop you from doing core strength exercises? This video is for you. How to do a side plank without hurting your shoulder or elbow.

Side planks are a staple of my workout routine. They are fantastic for core strength and stability. I am currently working through a rotator cuff injury. So, this is how I change things up to take some pressure off my shoulder. With my clients, I often find it useful to do side planks without loading the shoulder or elbow. So, I shot this video to show people how to do it on their own. I hope you find it helpful. If you like it, please hit like.

How to do a Side Plank Without Hurting your Shoulder or Elbow

The Easy Way

The remedial side plan where you lie on your side and lift your leg is the easy version. Do this for 30 seconds per side (3 sets).

The Hard Way

Moving to the stability ball is much more challenging. Do this for 20-40 seconds per side (3 sets). Note, the closer you get the ball to the wall, the harder this will be.

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