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We are simply pumped about Ryan Murphy joining the Positive Shift team in Burnaby. Ryan will be offering personal training and pilates instruction at our new location in Burnaby. He brings a lot of experience and the best certifications available. Here are some words from the man himself:

I call myself a Movement Teacher because in my experience I’ve seen that movement doesn’t have any true borders. We can find practice at not only the gym/studio, but wherever you can explore your body and how you use it. Gravity is a 24/7 workout and how you hold your body up against it has as much or more of an impact than the 60 mins you spend at the gym or in a class. I see my primary role to help foster awareness of the patterns that guide your posture and movements and teach you to transform them into whatever you desire. Organizing your practice is useful for creating clarity, but there is no one “right” way.

In my career I have explored movement through…

A degree in Kinesiology which has helped me understand the science of human movement: the anatomy that shapes our structure, the physiology that shapes our energy systems, the mechanics of how we use that energy to move our bodies and the psychology that guides the interactions between our mind and body.

As a Personal Trainer I’ve learned how to use movements, stretches and lifestyle ergonomics to shape the body in any direction you desire. I’ve learned how to motivate clients to transform their lives and how a clear program can help make the path forward crystal clear.

As a Pilates Teacher I’ve learned that by bringing attention to the patterns/habits that guide our posture, movement, breath and how our body & mind function we can change our bodies not just in our practice, but expand our practice into our everyday life.

These have been the areas in my life that I have worked professionally, but my own practice includes yoga, snowboarding, cycling, soccer, basketball, gardening/landscaping, meditation, myofascial release work, playing with my son, weekly goal setting and in general exploring my body and the way I can move it everyday. If you decide to work with me, I will help to show you how you don’t need to fit in a predetermined box in order to become stronger, more flexible or to improve your health. We can design your practice around you and help it become something that will transform your life into the one you’ve been searching for.


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