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Here are workouts you can do at home with no equipment:

About the people in the Videos

Ryan Murphy

In my career I have explored movement through…

A degree in Kinesiology which has helped me understand the science of human movement: the anatomy that shapes our structure, the physiology that shapes our energy systems, the mechanics of how we use that energy to move our bodies and the psychology that guides the interactions between our mind and body.

As a Personal Trainer I’ve learned how to use movements, stretches and lifestyle ergonomics to shape the body in any direction you desire. I’ve learned how to motivate clients to transform their lives and how a clear program can help make the path forward crystal clear.

As a Pilates Teacher I’ve learned that by bringing attention to the patterns/habits that guide our posture, movement, breath and how our body & mind function we can change our bodies not just in our practice, but expand our practice into our everyday life.

Ryan Murphy Personal Trainer Burnaby

Alyssa Farthing

Alyssa is a kinesiologist and trainer with Positive Shift. She moved out to Vancouver after completing her degree and working in Calgary. Alyssa has played competitive ringette for the greater part of her life, and spends her free time coaching the sport as well. Alyssa does personal training as well as small group training. 

Positive Shift Personal Training Studio Burnaby Fitness

Tim Begley

I see myself as a coach, first and foremost. I want to help people make changes in their life. I view fitness as the first change that can kick-start many changes in someones life. I named my business Positive Shift because I believe this should be an uplifting process.

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Bailey Donas

Bailey Donas is a personal trainer with Positive Shift. She works with clients improving their fitness with one-on-one instruction. She is a Human Kinetics student at Capilano University. She lives on the North Shore and enjoys skiing and softball.