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Home Bodyweight Workouts

core strength plank with Kinesiologist and personal trainer alyssa

Common Rehab Exercises

shoulder retraction shown by kinesiologist Ryan Murphy

Understanding Pain Resources

Everyone experiences pain at some point. Here are some videos and links to help understand what pain is and what you can do about it. Click here.

Trusted Partners


Insync Physiotherapy– I share my space in Burnaby with some of their practitioners. We get to collaborate and work together. They do really outstanding work.

Chipperfield Physiotherapy– I know Justin Chipperfield personally and he has treated my clients. They offer mobile treatments. They will come to your home.

Teamworks– I have a lot of experience working with Teamworks. They are great people and I have seen the positive results with many of my clients, and myself personally.


Yes, I use a Chiropractor. I definitely find it useful. Since I have moved around, I have gotten to know a few that I trust and can recommend.

Dr. Khaled Dossa– at Teamworks in Vancouver on W. Broadway. He has fixed me up a few times. He treated my wife for a while and a handful of my clients.

Dr. Gaelan Connell– Commercial Drive in Vancouver and in New Westminster. Check him out.

Dr. Ann Izard– My Chiropractor now that I am in North Burnaby.


good squat form, alyssa, personal trainer


Get started with the Positive Shift blog on my “best of” page

personal training, kinesiology, quadraped, four point

Exercise for People with Chronic Conditions

Seeing the right practitioner is very important. I am fortunate to have people to refer out to when a client with a chronic disease is looking for fitness and health advice. If you know someone with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic condition, encourage them to check out these sites.

Sarah Weller in Vancouver.

Alfred Ball at Lifemoves in North Vancouver.

My Website and Visuals

Big shout out to my “web guy”. He is so much more than a “web guy”. He has helped me with many aspects of my business. Check our Mitch Ballentine at Ballentine Media

Some of the photography on this site I did myself. However, the good looking ones were done by Geoff Livingston at Noravera Visuals