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Where are a parks with a chin up bars?  I have been asked this enough to start a post. I would love your help adding to my collection. If you know a park in the Vancouver, BC area that has a good chin up bar, please post a comment. I put together a google map to help you find these spots.

Parks With Chin Up Bars or Workout Stations in Vancouver

I put together a google map to help you find these spots. I have added more to the map than I have in this post.

Kitsilano Beach

A beautiful spot with a chin-up bar and rings. The seawall is a great spot for running or cycling. Thank you Gaelan for sending these in. This is my top vote if you are looking for parks with chin up bars.

Vancouver Parks Chin Up Workout

Douglas Park

I have worked out here dozens of times. It has a great running track, chin up bars, and a few other stations. This is a beautiful park near the middle of the city (20th and Heather)

Douglas Park chin up bar


Prince Edward Park

Thank you Brittany for sending this in. Chin up bars, monkey bars and according to Brittany: decent bars for short people. (21st and Sophia)

Vancouver Park Chin ups

Tisdall Park

No chin up bars but lots of outdoor exercise equipment. (45th and Tisdall)

Memorial South Park

Chin up bar and rings (45th and Prince Albert). Thank you Sarah for sending this one in.

Greater Vancouver Area Parks

Map of vancouver chin up bars

I put together a google map to help you find these spots

Queens Park New Westminster

I now live near here so I have spent some hours in the park. A beautiful and large park with lots of equipment. There are chin up bars and monkey bars.

New Westminster Park Workout

Central Park in Burnaby

There is a running route with many exercise stations along it.


Map With These Spots and More


Please Help Me Add to This List

Help me add to this list. Comment below on any info you have about good parks to workout in. People ask me where to do chin ups. If you email me a picture too, that helps. Any info is useful. Please post a comment below.

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