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Want to take care of your fitness training while staying outside? Give these a try.


#1 For a Cardio Workout

Hit up one of the hundreds of nature trails in The Lower-Mainland. From the Seawall to the Grouse Grind, you can find the right trail for you. I use ( to find good hikes. Vancouver has so many outdoor trails. It makes sense to do cardio outdoors.


#2 What is an Obstacle Race?

These “mud runs” are growing in popularity. Thousands of people are signing up to crawl through the mud and climb over walls. I have done a couple personally. Trust me, they are fun and a great challenge. The Best Obstacle Races Near Vancouver. I would say an obstacle race is the ultimate outdoor workout.

#3 Outdoor Strength Training

Update: check out this recent post: places to do chin-ups in the Vancouver area

Use some of the free outdoor equipment at a park near you. There are usually instructions for how to use the simple machines. To find a park near you check out the Vancouver Parks website here ( Get your outdoor workout on!

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Fun For The Family

Go splash around and cool off! There are great beaches and lakes surrounding Vancouver. Dig in the sand, swim, and splash around in the surf. All of the activity that you do will add up and benefit your health. Just make sure you aren’t spending too much time on the towel!

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