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Have you seen the pictures online of your friend doing obstacle races? This “sport” has grow to massive popularity recently. What follows is a list of obstacle races or “mud runs” near Vancouver.

I did my first obstacle race in 2012 at the Spartan Race in Squamish. The next year I did Tough Mudder in Whistler. I enjoyed them. For me, the best part is coaching people who are keen to get fit for an obstacle race. I hear a ton about different obstacle races from my clients. So, I figured I would make a list of obstacle races near Vancouver.

Obstacle Races Near Vancouver

#1 Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder comes to Whistler once per year. This is at the top of my list because it seems to be the most popular and it is definitely well organized. It involves quite a bit of running and some sinister obstacles. They now offer mini-mudders if you are looking to slowly ease into discomfort. Find a Mudder near youObstacle Race Near Vancouver

#2 The Spartan Races

There are a few options for Spartan Races near Vancouver. They combine running with different obstacles. I did a Spartan in 2012 and found it much easier than Tough Mudder. They are good fun and a great group activity. Find a Spartan Race near you.

#3 Woman 2 Warrior

If you are looking for a ladies event, check this one out. For Obvious reasons, I have not done it :) Woman 2 Warrior

#4 The Rugged Maniac

A short distance obstacle race heavy  on the obstacles and light on the running. More:

Mud run near vancouver

There are plenty more popping up. I didn’t mention them because I haven’t heard much about them. If you have experience to share please post a comment.

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