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I talk to a lot of people about goal setting and resolutions. I put this together to share with you what Karen and I did this year: a vision board. 

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board can be many things. Fundamentally, it contains images of things you want to see in your life. Some people do one per year and look at it like most people would look at goal setting. Here is what I want this year. For me, it is about picking images that represent things I want. However, it is more about picking images that give me that feeling…. you know, lit up on the inside. I picked images that I am excited about, like Mars. I have been encouraged to make the images very specific and things that elicit an emotional response.

Here it is:

Do I do this instead of goals?

No, I also set really clear specific (SMART) goals. However, I usually stick to less than 3 months in duration for my specific goals. So, for my big goals, I find it useful to have a vision. This vision isn’t attached to a timeline.

The personal trainer in me had a really tough time setting up a vision board that didn’t follow my normal process. I really like breaking goals down into tangible actions. Take action and crush your goals!!! Yeah!!! So, I had to take a little bit of a leap of faith in sharing images that I don’t see how I am going to get in my life. I do feel like there is great value to getting clear on the emotional connection to goals. I now look at the picture of the Tesla and Mars and get really excited. Feel free to check back in a year or ten to find out how it went.

I got so much help with this

I did this vision board together with other members of a Men’s group Being Man. I revised my vision board after seeing what the other guys were up to. They definitely helped me raise my standards.

Dr. Sukhi Muker gave me some really specific tips: Put how on the shelf, think about the end feeling and emotional connection and, make it very specific. Thanks man!

The Sweaty Book Club arrived very quickly

Before uploading the video I had already taken action and found a group of people for the sweaty book club. I think this is amazing because it is kind of a weird idea. A book club meets movement and discussion centred around entrepreneurship and personal growth. Now, the book list is coming together and the discussion has already started. Feel free to join the FB group.

The books I mentioned

Links to my favourite books from 2015

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work
Think and Grow Rich

These are affiliate links. If you follow them and make a purchase. I get a commission.

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