No User Fee Active Rehab at Eileen Daily Burnaby

We offer our ICBC Active Rehabilitation services out of Eileen Daily Community Centre in Burnaby. This allows us to work with people who are injured in a car accident without them paying out of pocket.

No User Fee Active Rehab

A car accident can put a squeeze on your cash flow. Missing work, paying fees for massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic often put people in a tight financial spot. We are passionate about helping people to recover, even if they don’t want to pay out of pocket. Normally, our user fee is $30 per visit at our studio. However, we can meet people at Eileen Daily Fitness Centre and have all of the costs covered by ICBC.

user fee active rehab

What Is Active Rehab?

A well planned and implemented rehabilitation program is crucial to effective recovery. We offer one-on-one exercise with a Kinesiologist. We are committed to helping our clients return to work and the leisure activities they like to do. Our experience with fitness goals and health promotion helps us to influence lifestyle changes that will assist the rehabilitation program.

Do I Need A Community Centre Pass?

No, you don’t need to buy a pass or pay any type of fee. We pay for your admission and direct bill ICBC.

How Do I Get This Approved?

First of all, we require a note from your doctor that indicates active rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation, kinesiology, or active rehab with a kinesiologist. ICBC will only cover active rehabilitation that is necessary for recovering from a car accident and prescribed by a doctor.

We contact ICBC and request their approval. Sometimes there is a delay in hearing back from them. It is best to get in touch as soon as possible so we can get your program approved.

shoulder retraction shown by kinesiologist Ryan Murphy

Get In Touch

Learn more or get the process started. Fill out the contact form or give us a call. 778-706-2691

User Fee For Active Rehab At Our Facility

We have a semi-private studio on Hastings near Willingdon. If you are interested in active rehab at our private facility, there is a user fee of $35. Learn more here.

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