ICBC Active Rehabilitation with a Kinesiologist

At our Personal Training Studio in Burnaby we offer one-on-one ICBC Active Rehabilitation with Kinesiologist.

What:Shoulder retraction

We offer active rehabilitation for people who are injured in car accidents. This is one-on-one exercise with one of our Kinesiologists. We are committed to helping our clients return to work and the leisure activities they like to do. Our experience with fitness goals and health promotion helps us to influence lifestyle changes that will assist the rehabilitation program.


A well planned and implemented rehabilitation program is crucial to effective recovery and helps people to be ready to resume work or leisure activities. We help people to follow the right exercise program for them. Make the most of the time that you spend on your exercises. We often address postural issues and improve core strength and stability. The programs are always unique to the individual needs of the client. 



This program is for someone who is injured in a car accident. Do you find it difficult to sit for extended periods of time? Are you unsure how to correctly do the exercises given to you by your Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?

We direct bill ICBC

The majority of the cost is covered by ICBC. We charge a user fee of $35 per visit to our private studio. We do have a “no user fee” option out of Eileen Daily Community Centre. More info on no user fee active rehab.

To get started or for more information, contact us 778-706-2691

Aquatic Exercise Therapy

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