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Whether you want to change your snacking habits or read instead of watching TV, these tips will help you.salad bar

Everyone has bad habits. It is best not to stop them, but change them to something healthier. Here are some tips on habit change.

  1. Identify the que that kick starts the behavior. Full article
  2. Come up with realistic substitutions
    1. It is better to change a habit that to stop one. For example, smokers often chew carrots when quitting smoking. Whatever the habit is you want to stop, come up with a few realistic replacements. Be specific, if you don’t want to eat junk food, what will you replace it with?
  1. Ask for support
    1. You are more likely to succeed if you tell other people what you are doing. Ask them for support or tell them to kick your butt if you cheat. See my article on goal setting for more on this.
  1. Visualize the reward
    1. Habits become habits for a reason, the reward. Your old habits probably make you feel good. You need to find out what the reward is with the new habit. For example, if you are eating better, the rewards are: feeling better, more energy, healthy body weight and so on. By visualizing the reward, you are more likely to execute on the habit.

I hope this helps you make some improvements in your life.

Yours in fitness,

Tim Begley


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