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At Positive Shift we have BCAK members on staff who offer personal training. BCAK stands for the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. They represent movement experts in athletics and rehabilitation.

Why work with a Kinesiologist or BCAK member?

First of all, anyone can call them self a Kinesiologist. It is 100% up to you to check and see if they have appropriate training or their skills are recognized. In British Columbia, the BCAK insures and recognizes kinesiologists who have a bachelors degree in a related field (usually Kinesiology or Human Kinetics). They require people to do continuing education to maintain their membership. So, if someone is a “BCAK Practicing Member”, the BCAK has checked their education and is making sure they stay current.

Simply put, a BCAK member will have some formal education on movement, fitness, rehabilitation and health. shoulder retraction shown by kinesiologist Ryan Murphy

We Have BCAK Practicing Members at our Personal Training Studio in Burnaby Heights

If you are looking for a Kinesiologist in Burnaby, look no further. We currently have 3 on staff. Check out the About Us section for more info. Alyssa is a BCAK member who has a background in working with athletes. Ryan has a strong pilates background and is also a BCAK practicing member.

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