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How many pounds you are doesn’t really tell you much. There is no magic number that makes you fit or sexy. Why are people so fixated on losing pounds on the scale? Here is why body weight doesn’t matter.

Why Body Weight Doesn’t Matter

There are people who weight 100 pounds and are not healthy. There are people who weigh 200 pounds and are healthy. You probably know people who fit this description. Bodyweight is a measurement of all the lean mass and fat mass. So, you can’t tell by the number on the scale if someone has lots of lean mass (like muscle) or lots of fat mass.

What to Pay Attention to

This really depends on your goals. Here are the two I hear most often.

1. I want to lose (fat) weight or look more toned –

You want to choose measurements that allow you to tell the difference between fat and lean tissue. Check out the full article on measuring weight loss. Waist circumference, similar to belt size, is going to be a great way to measure your progress.

2. I want to have more energy

Since this in a subjective goal. It is ok to have subjective measurements. I recommend keeping a journal recording how you feel. Go ahead and give your energy level a rating from 1-10. Good objective measurements are: resting heart rate, blood pressure and number of stimulants used (coffee and energy drinks).

Why is body weight so popular?

It is really easy to measure body weight. You can hop on a bathroom scale every day. It is useful if you want to measure your progress on a daily basis. It can be very inspiring to see the scale go down week to week. However, if the scale isn’t going down, remember, this is the least useful measurement. Check out my full article on useful ways to measure fat loss.

Good examples

In this article, I give 10 good example of goals: 10 SMART Goals

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