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How many pounds you are doesn’t really tell you much. There is no magic number that makes you fit or sexy. Why are people so fixated on losing pounds on the scale? Here is why body weight doesn’t matter.


A cue is a reminder. It can be many different things. Here are 10 examples of cues that help you remember it is time to exercise. more

This is a list of 10 smart goals to give you a few examples. I often get the question, what is a good fitness goal?  more

There are so many ways to track fat loss. Here is what I recommend paying attention to if your goal is to lose weight or increase your lean body mass.


Specific, Measured, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound. This is a classic framework for goal setting. Here is how I define SMART as it relates to fitness goals.  more

What is more important, setting goals or achieving goals? Building an emotional connection is a great strategy to stay on track. more

I talk to a lot of people about goal setting and resolutions. I put this together to share with you what Karen and I did this year: a vision board.  more

Thank you for finding my Blog. Here I feature some of my top content to help you get started. more

Here are the best stories I have about Kinesiotape. This is the colourful tape used on athletes and non-athletes by Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.


When I was in university studying Human Kinetics I got this question a lot. What is the difference between Human Kinetics and Kinesiology? more