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Thank you for finding my Blog. Here I feature some of my top content to help you get started. more

I love a tasty, fresh and nutrient rich breakfast to start my day, and what better way to get there with this fruit nut bowl. You’re going to love the simplicity and the flavour every morning. more

Here are two different ways to start a mindfulness or meditation practice today. We have Tim’s favourite and Dasha’s favourite. Give them a try.  more

I stumbled upon mindfulness in a random way, I didn’t even realize it was mindfulness at the time. My partner, Kent and I were travelling around Central America. more

Mindfulness can help your ability to focus or concentrate, athletic performance, sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, motivation, blood glucose control, and healthy eating. Learn more here.

Videos: basic leg strengthening exercises. If you are deconditioned or just starting on a fitness routine, this is for you.


Many people are searching for a Physiotherapist. Far fewer search for a Kinesiologist. Are you wondering: what is the difference between a Kinesiologist and a Physiotherapist? This is for you.  more

Active Rehab can seem a lot like personal training. These are the two main services we offer here at Positive Shift in Burnaby. Here we compare and contrast them. more

I hear people talking about working off bad food. “I better get a run in because I ate like crap on the weekend”. “One beer equals ten minutes of running”. People who are talking this way are seldom crushing their goals and making massive progress. Here is why this approach doesn’t work. more

This is the story about how, and why, I got started meditating and taking cold showers. Yes, sometimes I do these both at the same time. Here is my experience with cold adaptation, meditation and the Wim Hof Method.