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Whether you want to change your snacking habits or read instead of watching TV, these tips will help you.salad bar


Does shoulder pain stop you from doing core strength exercises? This video is for you. How to do a side plank without hurting your shoulder or elbow.


Want to take care of your fitness training while staying outside? Give these a try.



Trail running is a huge component of Tough Mudder. The distance of the race is usually above 15km, a significant run. On top of that, there are obstacles designed to break you. I often get asked: what is the best way to prepare for an obstacle race like this? I can’t emphasize running enough. If you plan to run the race, you need to be prepared for a long run. more

Tough Mudder is a very difficult event. Most people tackle it with a team of friends. There are different types of teams: corporate team building, just have fun, super fit and competitive. It doesn’t matter what type of team you are on. However, it is critical that your team all share the same vision. Everyone on your team should have the same, or pretty similar answers to the following questions:

The Grouse Grind is an appropriately named hike. It is difficult, and for some people, no fun whatsoever. I enjoy doing “The Grind” every so often to keep my fitness routine interesting. Like many others, I am constantly trying to put up a good time. Looking to put up a good time as well? Consider these tips. more