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What is that inner critic saying? How does this voice inside your head help you? How does it hinder you? Colette Mrazek shares an exercise for mental health. more

Have you seen the pictures online of your friend doing obstacle races? This “sport” has grow to massive popularity recently. What follows is a list of obstacle races or “mud runs” near Vancouver. more

These are my favourite pieces of outdoor exercise equipment. If you are setting up a bootcamp, a backyard gym, or just hauling gear to the park, check these out. more

Here is a collection TRX workout videos.


Where are a parks with a chin up bars?  I have been asked this enough to start a post.  more

I often get asked what I eat. So I put together a couple videos about my favourite foods. This is my breakfast smoothie and my kind of pasta.


How many pounds you are doesn’t really tell you much. There is no magic number that makes you fit or sexy. Why are people so fixated on losing pounds on the scale? Here is why body weight doesn’t matter.


A cue is a reminder. It can be many different things. Here are 10 examples of cues that help you remember it is time to exercise. more

This is a list of 10 smart goals to give you a few examples. I often get the question, what is a good fitness goal?  more

There are so many ways to track fat loss. Here is what I recommend paying attention to if your goal is to lose weight or increase your lean body mass.