Aquatic Exercise Therapy Burnaby

Aquatic exercise therapy or pool therapy is exercise rehabilitation that takes place in the water with the supervision of a Kinesiologist. Aquatic exercise therapy uses the special properties of water to enhance the effects of exercise for the participants. Swimming ability is not required, most of the activity is done at waist deep to chest deep water. For deep water activities participants would wear a flotation belt allowing them to focus more on movement rather than keeping themselves a float.

We are offering 1 on 1 aquatic exercise therapy at Eileen Daily Pool. Sessions are 45-60 minutes. Fill out our contact form to learn more.

Common Goals of Aquatic Exercise Therapy:

– Improving flexibility
– Improving balance and coordination
– Managing Osteoarthritis
– Reducing swelling and increasing circulation
– Managing pain
– Increasing strength and endurance
– Increasing cardiovascular capacity
– Improving walking and locomotion
– Reducing stress and promoting relaxation


Why Exercise In The Water?

Water has special properties that can enhance your efforts and give you certain benefits from just stepping into the water at chest depth.

  1. Hydrostatic pressure – the water molecules exert an additional pressure on the body from simply submersion. This helps reduce swelling and improves circulation of blood back to the heart (allows heart rate to decrease for same amount of activity compared to land exercise)
  2. Buoyancy – the water opposed the forces of gravity allows for ease of movement for those who struggle to exercise on land
  3. Added resistance in every direction controlled by the individual based on the speed of movement.
  4. Less fear of falling for those with balance or mobility issues
  5. Increased resistance for respiratory muscles provide training that allow future benefits
  6. Promotes muscle relaxation, especially in the hot tub ☺

Who Will Benefit From Aquatic Exercise Therapy?

– Individuals with limited capacity for exercise on land
– Athletes looking for respiratory training and cross training
Individuals with the following conditions:

– Sprains, strains, muscle weakness
– Orthopedic injuries/ post-surgical debilitation
– Lower body injury: foot, ankle, knee or hip
– Pre or Post-operative joint replacement
– Frozen shoulder
– Rotator cuff injuries
– Low back pain
– Disc herniation of the back or neck
– High blood pressure or hypertension
– Cardiovascular disease
– Balance or coordination problems due to injury or vertigo, etc.
– Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis
– Running injuries including runners knee, shin splints
– Stress fractures
– Foot problems, like plantar fasciitis
– Obesity
– Chronic pain
– Tendonitis
– Stroke survivors
– Fibromyalgia

Want To Learn More?

We are offering 1 on 1 aquatic exercise therapy at Eileen Daily Pool. Sessions are 45-60 minutes. Fill out our contact form to learn more.