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Glute Med activation is something I spend a lot of time on. Recruiting the Gluteus Medius muscles is relevant to people dealing with knee pain or hip pain.


Originally, I shot this video for a few of my clients. Glute Med activation has helped them with tight hips. I often also prescribe these exercises to people with knee pain or poor gait. This is a great reminder of some simple ways to get your gluteal muscles to fire. This helps with the stability of your hips and the balance between Gluteus Medius and the TFL muscle.

Glute Med Activation (video)

As a personal trainer and Kinesiologist, I see a lot of people who sit at work and benefit from working on their gluteals. These are great even if you don’t have hip pain or knee pain.

Safe for Work

There are many exercises you can do for glute med activation. I choose these 3 because you can do them at work or at home. You don’t need to lie down with your legs flying all over the place. No equipment required.

How to Remember

Another challenge I see, is people remembering to do the exercises. Check out my post 10 cues, to learn about different ways to remind yourself to exercise.

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